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Featured Articles

Stop Doing These 6 Things! These Are Making Your Hair Thinner

Thinning hair can be the cause of a lot of worry and embarrassment. Even if people around you insist it looks fine, knowing that you have thinner hair than you used to is stressful, leaving you wondering what will happen if the situation keeps get...Read More

5 Important Things to Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a problem that many males are suffering with. This problem happens to some women as well; however, hair loss mainly affects the male population.

Some decades ago, someone who was losing hair couldn’t do anything but to...Read More

6 Best Natural Tips & Tricks To Grow Your Hair Faster

When it comes to the hair composition, it is made up of Keratin (a protein produced in the hair follicles). Follicles produce new hair cells, and the old ones are pushed out at the rate of about 6-inches a year through the surface of the skin.

...Read More

7 Super Breakfast Recipes to Stay Young

Do you know that breakfast is critical for your health and most importantly, it helps you to stay young, too? Yes, this is certainly true!

If truth be told, the word ‘breakfast’ indicates that after a full night’s rest,...Read More

Hair Loss Baldness

Overview of Hair Loss (Baldness)

Baldness means partial or complete loss of hair. It is a wider aspect of hair thinning. It is normal to lose some hair daily but baldness includes excessive loss of hair in men and women ...Read More


Diabetes is a disease in which a person has high sugar level in the blood. This is because the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond to the insulin produced. The person having diabetes is not allowed to intake sugar in a...Read More

10 Ways to Make Your Mornings Better

I haven’t always been a morning person. In fact, I used to hate waking up early. I was always more of a night owl. But I always heard and read about all of these amazing benefits of waking up early – like getting things done, having so...Read More

Dry winter skin tips: A dermatologist's advice for cold weather relief

Winter isn’t just the most dismal time of year – it can also wreak havoc on skin. The cold months of December through February can leave one's epidermis feeling parched and uncomfortable. How can you avoid this? We consulted NYC-ba...Read More

Home Remedies for Acidity

Causes of the acidity can be improper functioning of the digestive system, keeping the stomach empty for long time, eating too fried or fatty foods. Sometimes pregnancy, obesity and alcohol consumption can also lead to acidity. Today lifestyle of ...Read More

Home Remedy for Cough

Cough is the very common problem from which almost all of us suffer from 3-4 times in a year on an average. Sometimes it is mild and sometimes it can be so severe that we may feel difficulty in speaking and swallowing. Cough may cause symptoms lik...Read More

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